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Location feature bug

[EDIT] Notification alert sound bug disappeared with no reason. Anyhow, theres still that annoying location bug for as long as I can remember. When someone shares their location, the map is unstable. It is initially centered on the other partys location (green dot) as this is the intended purpose, but soon after it quickly moves to *our* location (blue dot), and we can no longer see the other persons location unless fiddling with the little icons on bottom part of the screen.


Intuitiv bedienbar, durchdachtes Konzept. Thumbs up!

Truly Secure

No glitches. Runs as smooth as iMessage but better since its fully secure. Youll never have to worry about your information and messages being intercepted with THREEMA! Great app! Worth every penny.

Good app

So far so good keep it up so fast and smooth


Safe way to communicate

Multi use accounts

Add feature for use many accounts




It says it costs 2.99 US to download, but was charged 3.27UD. Why?

Great App

Ive been using Threema for about 5-months now. It definitely needs GIF support, but other than its an awesome way to send and receive encrypted messages free from prying eyes.

Message order out of order

Recently in group messages with participants in different time zones the message order seems to be scrambled. The newest message doesnt show up last but somewhere up.


I love threema so much that I use it as my primary messaging app. Unfortunately, not everyone has it yet. A suggestion might be to implement an interface we can receive and respond to non threema text messages (similar to Facebook messengers recent update where we can respond to text messages from within the app!) that way we would not have to continue to switch between apps for conversations but i understand that that might compromise the security of the corporation because thats what threema is known for. Ill forever recommend this app to everyone looking for a secure messaging portal and I continue to look forward to your updates

No Apple Watch support

I love this app; I really do. Over the years Ive worked on convincing friends to buy and install it and several did. When the Apple Watch was first released about a year ago, I patiently waited for this app to support it but now, a year later, Ive decided to ditch Threema and just use Apples Messages app. Zero support for the Apple Watch is a reason to look elsewhere.

Good App, Needs improvements...

The app works fine and has many pros. Its not tied to a phone number which is nice. Though Im unsure how much I can trust the app Im sure it is good enough for general texting and photo sharing. Pros: 1) Pin to open the app (optional) 2) Read receipt 3) Very customizable 4) you can see when someone is responding. 5) Group messaging Cons: 1) No audio calling (VoIP) 2) Open up the code for security audits by everyone Until number two happens, have Signal on your phone for calls and more private conversations.

Transparency please

Good app and seem like good devs behind it, but refusal to allow open source inspection of code makes me a little less comfortable. A competitor Signal is open source and researchers found a bug and it was quickly patched. All software has bugs and its sometimes hard for a dev team to catch all their own bugs. For all the very low ratings, understand this is not intended to compete with whatsapp or messenger. This is a serious app with a niche market and focus. The nature of it makes it inherently less convenient than those other mainstream apps.

Spectacular implementation of end-to-end encryption.

I can take a picture of my W2 and send it to my tax person without worrying that it could be lost in an email hack. I can tell family members my last four of my social so they can get information on our cellphones. I can get password from family that I am doing computer work for. Totally worth the money!

Cant send to an ID

I didnt put in my email or any other self identifying information. Im trying to send to someone elses ID who did the same. It appears you cannot do this. Am I wrong? If not please fix this. My situation is even more secure without self identifying information. Without this scenario I dont see that this app is necessarily more secure than other apps. As part of my profession I do computer security as well Update: I tried to add my contact by the text ID and it keeps saying request timed out. It also times out trying to verify the photo of the ID using my iphone on iOS 10. My friends ipad worked when adding me as a contact however. Then I sent a msg to my phone and it never showed up after a day now. App seems to have a few issues. Im very disappointed out of the gate

Excellent in every way

App delivers on its promises in every way and is well documented. Only real missing feature are voice and video calls.

best chatting app

really nice and secure.

Best app

Feel confident and comfortable with what your saying. Encryption works people. Thats why so many want to stop it. Encryption apps might be banned from the App Store at some point so until then enjoy your freedom and say what you want with knowing only you and your intended recipient is viewing your info.

Not Connecting

App not connecting to internet on an iPhone 6S, running iOS 10.2, using T-Mobile. Please fix or send a solution.

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